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Re: No Subject

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>>Does anyone have any P2 ideas or contacts for a resident here who wants to
>>add a dark room to his home? He's on a septic system.

>>I have quite a bit of info for larger photo processors, but many of the P2
>>treatment options (i.e., water recirculation and silver recovery) are
>>infeasible for his scale. Aside from silver (and perhaps hydroquinone?),
>>other typical photo chemicals should he be concerned with for a septic

>From: Chris Rust <crust@ioa.com>
>To: p2tech@great-lakes.net
>Subject: Re: Small photo developer
>I've operated a black & white darkroom in my home, which is serviced by a
>septic system, for nine years without any problems. I got the MSDS's for
>all commonly used chemicals from Kodak and there weren't any that couldn't
>be "flushed to the sewer with adequate rinse water". Good practice is to
>mix spent developer, stop bath, and fixer before discharging in order to
>neutralize the acidic and alkaline components. About the only thing I might
>worry about if I was also drinking from a nearby well is the use of
>selenium toner.
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ALLWAYS check with local authorities before making the decision. What's
legal/acceptable in one area may not be in another. Specifically, there may
be local problems/concerns that would prohibit the 'normal' mode of doing
things. (i.e., If there is a local problem with Se or Ag in groundwater, the
County may have regs prohibiting discharge to septic systems-at ANY

In my area, the County's Dept. of Environmental Health Services would handle
this type of thing. Probably the same for you, but could also be under the
Fire dept., and/or HAZMAT Programs division.

...just a thought.

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