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Thanks for keeping the P2 goal in prominance. You're right on.
So here's the Photo P2 solution from Silicon Valley-- Buy and use a digital
camera, store and use your photos on disk and call them up when you need

All printed material, regardless of how much we reduce the effects of the
inks, fixers, etc. is going to use more energy and create more losses to the
environment that getting electronic.
Most of today's advertising dollars are spent on electronic images through
the use of television. So photographic imaging for personal use is not that
great an extension from what we're quite used to seeing. 

The hobbyist aren't going to agree with this. My wife and I continually trade
barbs, she being an archival calligrapher, who use very durable ink, paint
and paper in her art. But do we need to use photographic paper for the
hundreds of snapshots we take at parties, holidays, and on vacations? This is
where the bulk of the photographic material is consumed and the waste process

Also, buy a fax/modem for your computer to eliminate printing faxes, and
encourage faxers to use more e-mail.

Patrick Ferraro, Executive Director
The Silicon Valley Pollution Prevention Center
San Jose, CA