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RE: Composting and disposal of dead chickens

Considering that these particular chickens are in South Australia there
is another potential way of using the chickens. A fish farm using
sharks. There is a very large market in oriental countries and western
North America (China, Taiwan, California, others?) for dried shark fins
for shark fin soup. Now, the exact species is usually not a concern, and
sharks will eat just about anything, so there is a potential opportunity
here. We farm salmon in the northern hemisphere, perhaps sharks could be
substituted in the southern hemisphere. Of course, salmon won't devour
you if you call into the cage, but proper worker safety procedures could
be developed. Just thinking.

Miles Constable
Senior Toxic Substances Consultant
Environment Canada - Edmonton

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>As promised. I really love this one. Can we replace the rendering 
>plants with crocs and alligators here in VT? [DKK]
>Someone recently posted a message or I saw an article about poultry farmers
>who have also become alligator farmers. Why? Well one of the reasons is that
>those pesky ole gators will eat just about all the dead chicken you care to
>give them.
>I don't know your climate or capability there but perhaps gators or croc's
>are your waste disposal answer.  They also harvest the gators for meat and
>At 09:44 AM 1/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>Poultry farmers in South Australia "produce" about 30 tonnes of waste dead
>>chickens each week   This can be a serious problem from the point of view of
>>the environment and as a nuisance   About 10 tonnes are
>>(less-than-successfully)composted and the remainder are sent to landfill
>>Does anyone have any information about a satisfactory resolution to this
>>issue and any experience with this?
>>Thank you to you all in anticipation
>>Geoff Sclare
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