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RE: P2 in air and water permits P2 in air and water permits

Dear Mr. Barron.
I would appreciate very much your sending us the Video tape 
on P2. 

My full address is:
B/G int'l airport.
ISRAEL 70100

Attn.: Dr. D. Lando
	Eng. Center 4485


			     Dr. D. Lando
   		Project Manager - Environmental Compliance

--- On Fri, 24 Jan 1997 16:53:21 -0800  Thomas Barron 
<tsbarron@ibm.net> wrote:
The Palo Alto Regional Water Quality Control Plant modified 
industrial sewer ordinance to require P2 measures at metal 
firms and circuit board shops.  

In behalf of the City, I wrote a report that describes the 
process that
we went through (involving stakeholders, offering dischargers 
a choice,
etc.), and showed some of the sites in a P2 video (the same 
one that you
saw last year in draft form).

Let me know if you would like a copy of the report and final 

Tom Barron
3351 Beechwood Drive
Lafayette, CA 94549
(510) 283-8121
FAX 283-6746

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Name: Dr. Dan Lando
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Date: 1/26/97
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