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P2 in Water Permits


Eric Voogt and Bob Kerr were looking for ways that pollution 
prevention is being incorporated into air and water permitting and 
inspection programs.

In Michigan, we recently conducted training for over 500 regulatory 
staff on how to integrate pollution prevention into their day-to-day 
job responsibilities.  As a result of the training, our Surface Water 
Quality Division is in the process of amending the National Pollutant 
Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit applications to encourage 
p2.  The applications will contain the following "advertisement" for 

"Preventing Pollution is the Best Solution
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) encourages you 
to consider pollution prevention alternatives.  In some cases 
pollution prevention may allow you to avoid the need to discharge 
pollutants which would otherwise require permit limitations--or even 
avoid the need for permits altogether!  Pollution prevention can:
*Save Money
*Reduce Waste
*Aid Permit Compliance
*Protect our Environment
*Improve Corporate Image
*Reduce Liability
The DEQ is helping Michigan's industries save money, reduce waste and 
protect our environment through pollution prevention.  DEQ staff can 
provide pollution prevention assistance through telephone 
consultations, technical workshops and seminars, and informational 
publications.  They can also put you directly in touch with local 
support networks and national pollution prevention resources.  For 
more information, contact the Michigan Department of Environmental 
Quality, Environmental Assistance Division, at 1-800-662-9278 or visit 
our homepage at http://www.deq.state.mi.us"

Surface Water Quality Division is also planning to include similar 
"advertisements" for p2 within the permits.  I think it's great that 
the regulatory staff within the division proposed and implementated 
this change!

Carrie Monosmith						
Environmental Quality Analyst		

Michigan Dept of Environmental Quality	email: 
Environmental Assistance Division	phone: 517-373-0604	
Town Center				fax:   517-373-3675	
PO Box 30457
333 S. Capital Avenue
Lansing, MI  48909-7957