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RE: P2 in the pulp and paper industry


On the topic of finding information sources for your project: I'd
suggest looking at the P2Edge software for showing how to incorporate P2
into design -- it's free at 

Also see "A Review of Available Software for Incorporating Enviro Costs
Into Decisionmaking" at 

If you want to talk to someone who's been working on resource networks,
you can catch up with Aarti Sharma from RTI. She has been working on a
tech-transfer project with the textiles industry in NC, including
setting up an electronic forum. I believe she's found a lot of the kinds
of resources that you're looking for. Her number is (919) 541 6149;
email Sharma@rti.org.

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Subject: 	P2 in the pulp and paper industry

Michigan DEQ is currently participating in a pollution prevention
partnership with the pulp and paper industry in our state.  We kicked
this off last April (see http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/p5.html)
and are currently in the process of establishing goals.  I know the
state of Wisconsin is involved in a similar effort.  I am interested in
whether any other states have a P2 initiative focused on this industry.
In particular, I am trying to set up a resource network for the pulp and
paper industry, including websites focusing on pollution prevention
(waste reduction,assessment, cost accounting, etc.).  I'ld appreciate
both information on state programs/partnerships and general info.
websites.  Thanks.


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