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Re: P2 in the pulp and paper industry

Wendy --

At the Federal level, the US Dept of Energy's Office of Industrial Technologies 
(the same people who bring you NICE3) has focused on the Pulp/Paper/Forest 
Products industries as one of their "Industries of the Future" and has done a 
lot of work in developing industry buy-in for Clean production/efficiency 
related research and technology development.  You can get general background on 
the program via the OIT web site:


You should also consider giving Gary Josephson of Pacific Northwest National 
Laboratory a call about the program at 509-376-4325; he is on the industry 
team's Environmental Task force and is well plugged-in to what they've been 

Though this is perhaps more long-term R&D oriented than you were asking about, 
it would probably be worth factoring into your efforts.

Hope this helps,

Scott Butner


Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)
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Michigan DEQ is currently participating in a pollution prevention partnership
with the pulp and paper industry in our state.  We kicked this off last April
(see http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/p5.html) and are currently in the
process of establishing goals.  I know the state of Wisconsin is involved in a
similar effort.  I am interested in whether any other states have a P2
initiative focused on this industry.  In particular, I am trying to set up a
resource network for the pulp and paper industry, including websites focusing on
pollution prevention (waste reduction,assessment, cost accounting, etc.).  I'ld
appreciate both information on state programs/partnerships and general info.
websites.  Thanks.


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