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p2 and car dealers


 An Ohio organization that I suggest you contact for info specific to 
energy efficient lighting in car dealerships is the Foundation for 
Environmental Education.  They are working under a Rebuild America Grant 
to have car dealerships, restaurants, and movie theatres inplement energy 
efficienct lighting (such as suggested under EPA's Green Lights Program).

In fact, they have just shown us a short public service announcement that 
has a car dealer talking about its experiences with moving to energy 
efficient technology for lighting and heating.  It is well done.

The contact:

Glen Kizer, President
Foundation for Environmental Education
Box 163340
Columbus, OH 43216
(614) 823-6243.

Also, we have a very good fact sheet and other information on energy 
efficienct lighting, lamp recycling, etc.  If you want these let us know.

Craig Butler
Ohio EPA
Office of P2

(614) 728-1261