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Re: P2 for Auto Dealerships

At 11:01 AM 1/28/97 -0600, Martha wrote:
>Does anyone have any P2 information for Auto
>dealerships?  Specifically regarding fuel filters, batteries,
>waste paint, and fluorescent lights.  
>Thanks in advance - 
>The Fraser River Action Plan, Environment Canada has a document called
"Environmental Protection for the Automobile Recycling Industry in British
Columbia".  This report presents a series of three volumes designed to
provide the auto recycling industry in BC with a guide for pollution
control. The volumes include Best Management Practices; Technical Pollution
Prevention Guide and Code of Practice for the Auto Recycling Industry.

Call the Fraser Pollution Abatement at 604-666-5900 for more information or
to get a copy of this document.

Also visit our WWW site at http://www.cciw.ca/ppc/ where one of our "Hot Topics"
features the Automotive Industry.

Deb Foster
Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Centre