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DOE: P2 saves money


In the latest (Winter 1997, Vol. 6, No. 1) _EM Progress_ newsletter by the
Dept of Energy (DOE), there's a pretty good article about DOE's various
cleanup projects and the savings that were experienced through P2 practices
(_Pollution Prevention Reduces Waste and Save Money_, Page 1). Also
referenced, is a report detailing the techniques implemented by the various
sites. The report is put out by the DOE Office of Environemtnal Restoration.
Titled: _The Complex-Wide Study on the Successful Integration of Pollution
Prevention into the Environmental Restoration Program, Volumes I and II_.
Released October 1996.

1.  www.em.doe.gov
2.  Robert Fleming, EM-43 (301) 903-7627, (robert.fleming@em.doe.gov)
3.  Lisa Allmon-Burns (513) 782-4700 (lallmon@primax.net)

Worth reading-

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