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>    FROM: R. Illig
>    Re: State Mandatory Waste Reduction Requirements
>    illig.richard@a1.dep.state.pa.us
>    Tim Greiner responded that Maine has mandatory requirements to 
>    conduct P2...unlike some states that require completion of a 
>    form (in one case called a Source Reduction Strategy) but DO NOT 
>    require execution of a P2 plan to actually reduce waste.
>    Tim,
>    I would like to hear more about Maine's requirements...how they 
>    set it up; incentives or penalties toward doing, or not doing P2; 
>    as well as how business (industrial and commercial??) responded to 
>    mandatory requirements and what type of results have been 
>    attained.
>    Any information on this topic, by Mr. Greiner or others, would be 
>    greatly appreciated.
>    Thanks,
>    Ric       

Rummaging through my files this afternoon I could not put my finger on
information on Maine's Toxics Use Reduction and Pollution Prevention Law.
It does however include requirements that firms met specific reduction
goals.  There is a planning requirement in the Act but no provision
requiring implementation.  For details, call Ann Pistell, Maine DEP,