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How about those baggers who insist on putting 2 items in 2 bags?
Personally, I carry my own "canvas" bags (made from recycled plastic pop
bottles).  I do get stares from time to time.  I noticed that the characters
on "Home Improvement" do the same thing -- great advertising for lifestyle
changes, IF the viewers pick up on it, that is.  Let's not try to put bag
producers out of business, just get them to put out a different product with
a different buyer.

At 11:49 AM 1/29/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Good issue!   I would like to expand on it if I may.
>If you think the packets at a restaurant are tough, try to get out of a
grocery store without a sack.  The checker and bagger look at you blankly
when you wont take a bag for your newspaper, or a carton of milk;  I have
also had managers chase me out of the store  "would you like a bag sir!'.  
>Of course  not all stores follow this pattern; one store used to offer a
nickel discount if you brought your own bag.  We need to get the baggers to
say "do you want a bag?" instead of "paper or plastic?"  How much money and
time is wasted bagging one or two items?
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