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p2 in the hospitality industry

The City of New York has a recent publication on waste prevention in 
hotels available.  Contact David Kleckner at the Bureau of Waste Prevention, 
Reuse and Recycling, (212) 837-8175.  Also INFORM published a waste 
prevention guide for the Lodging Industry last year.  Contact John Winter (212) 
361-2400.  The NYC Department of Sanitation is currently conducting 
assessments and implementing P2 initiatives in three restaurants and three retail food 
outlets under the NYC WasteLe$$ project.  Results should be available 
in the next year.  I'm happy to share information about progress to 
date by phone or email.
Carole O. Bell
Science Applications International Corporation
221 Third Street
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 848-4756