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At 11:37 AM 1/29/97 -0500, you wrote:
>...  Yesterday, I made a
>point of
>handing the unopened packets to the attendant and asking her to reissue to
>someone else.  But it was easier for her to trash it.
>We also see these attitudes at fast food restaurants.  How can we change this
>practice which appears to be nation-wide?
The place to start would be the local Health Departments.  There are very
strict regulations that tell food service employees what they are and are
not allowed to do.  Example, restaurants are "allowed" to offer addition
sugar in packets, however, they are not allowed to offer additional sugar in
a seperate glass (like from a 50 pound bag of sugar).  Those packets you
graciously tried to salvage were probably tossed to prevent the transmission
of illness (even though all you did was touch them and irregardless of
whether you were sick at the time).  So, it's probably not that the airline
attendant didn't want to bother, but more likely that she was just following
company policies that government has passed down to her.