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Pollution Prevention Research

     I'm currently conducting research for the EPA on the use of TRI 
     Section 8 data (data on source reduction and recycling activities 
     related to the chemical for which releases are being reported to TRI). 
     Put simply, I want to know who uses these data and why they use them.  
     Any suggestions/citations where these data have been used would be 
     appreciated.  Any users/uses are acceptable.  For example, I'd be 
     interested in knowing that a particular university, community group, 
     or consultant had used the data to calculate the percentage of 
     TRI-filing firms in a particular industry sector that were engaged in 
     p2 activities.  Thanks in advance. -Josh 

     Josh Kanner
     Abt Associates Inc. 
     55 Wheeler Street
     Cambridge, MA 02138
     (v) 617-349-2485
     (f) 617-349-2660