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Re: Pollution Prevention Research

I cited Section 8 data in some workshop materials on pollution prevention
in petroleum refining for the Illinois EPA (Allen and Rosselot, "Pollution
Prevention in Petroleum Refining," Illinois EPA Office of Pollution
Prevention, 1995).  Also, in 1994 I reported some of the data in a white
paper ("Prevention of Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions at Petroleum
Refineries") intended as part of background material for an
industry/regulatory roundtable on p2 in petroleum refining. 

I find Section 8 data to be particularly frustrating.  Facilities have a 
tendency to report the same strategy for all the chemicals they report.  
They'll report LDAR, for example, for a chemical that isn't 
emitted to air.

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>      I'm currently conducting research for the EPA on the use of TRI 
>      Section 8 data (data on source reduction and recycling activities 
>      related to the chemical for which releases are being reported to TRI). 
>      Put simply, I want to know who uses these data and why they use them.  
>      Any suggestions/citations where these data have been used would be 
>      appreciated.  Any users/uses are acceptable.  For example, I'd be 
>      interested in knowing that a particular university, community group, 
>      or consultant had used the data to calculate the percentage of 
>      TRI-filing firms in a particular industry sector that were engaged in 
>      p2 activities.  Thanks in advance. -Josh 
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