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Industry-Specific Expectations

     I'm trying to find out by industry if there is any expected savings 
     (waste and cost) for implementing pollution prevention.  In other 
     words, what have some of you found as savings for these industries?  
     Have you identified big savings for a particular industry and for a 
     particular waste type?
     I want to compare my results to that of others' work.  I'm 
     specifically looking for annual cost savings, annual waste reduction, 
     implementation cost, and payback.
     Some of the industries I am looking at are:  construction, 
     supermarket, autobody, printing and graphics, landscaping, winery, 
     automotive repair, commercial laundry, hotel, apartments, and medical 
     This is my masters thesis work and I'm willing to share all my 
     information with those who can help me!!!
     Thanks in Advance!
     Mary Betsch
     RUST Federal Services of Hanford, Inc.
     P.O. Box 700, H6-06
     Richland, WA  99352
     (phone) 509-372-1627
     (fax) 509-373-0743
     e-mail Mary_D_Betsch@rl.gov