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Re: Industry-Specific Expectations

Contact Am Auto Manufacturing Assn about their P2 Auto Project and reports.
Call 313-872-4311.  One generalization to test:  90% of pollutants in the
auto mfging industry occurs in assembly plants.  90% of assembly plant
pollutants are paint-related.

At 06:02 PM 1/30/97 -0800, you wrote:
>     I'm trying to find out by industry if there is any expected savings 
>     (waste and cost) for implementing pollution prevention.  In other 
>     words, what have some of you found as savings for these industries?  
>     Have you identified big savings for a particular industry and for a 
>     particular waste type?
>     I want to compare my results to that of others' work.  I'm 
>     specifically looking for annual cost savings, annual waste reduction, 
>     implementation cost, and payback.
>     Some of the industries I am looking at are:  construction, 
>     supermarket, autobody, printing and graphics, landscaping, winery, 
>     automotive repair, commercial laundry, hotel, apartments, and medical 
>     clinic.
>     This is my masters thesis work and I'm willing to share all my 
>     information with those who can help me!!!
>     Thanks in Advance!
>     Mary Betsch
>     RUST Federal Services of Hanford, Inc.
>     P.O. Box 700, H6-06
>     Richland, WA  99352
>     (phone) 509-372-1627
>     (fax) 509-373-0743
>     e-mail Mary_D_Betsch@rl.gov