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textiles, design and environment: online

Textiles, design and environment:
On-line conference and workshops

The Centre for Sustainable Design in the UK - in collaboration
with 'Textiles Environment Network' [TEN]- will be organising an
on-line event on 'textiles, design and environment'. The event
will go on-line on 26th March 1997. This follows-on from the
success of the Centre's on-line event on 'Managing eco-design'.

I would like to invite you prepare a paper. We are looking for
1000-1500 word papers broadly or specifically covering 'textiles,
design and environment' issues. Initially, abstracts or thoughts
should be emailed--I will advise as to acceptability ASAP. We
also like images--photographs or video footage are both
acceptable. All final scripts will need to be sent on disc or as
an attachment on email (more specific details will be sent on
acceptance of the paper). To enable us to build the on-line site,
papers will be needed by the ABSOLUTE LATEST 12th March 1997.

Topics to be covered in relation to the design of textiles:

* Case studies- companies/products
* Sustainable consumption and production
* Eco-fashion
* Sustainable textile design
* Management of eco-design
* Moving towards services instead of products
* Eco-design principles
* Lifecycle Assessment
* The designer perspective
* Developments in alternative textile materials
* 'Blue sky'/innovative ideas


Martin Charter
Joint Coordinator
The Centre for Sustainable Design
Surrey Institute
Falkner Road

t:     44 1252 732229
f:     44 1252 732274
email: cfsd@surrart.ac.uk