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P2 cases on sporting equipment

Hello P2Techs, I am rejoining the list after an absence due to travel.  I
have left my technical P2 position with the US Asia Environmental
Partnership in Manila and am now a professor at the Asian Institute of
Management where I am teaching P2 to  the graduate business students there.
Am starting them off with a P2 assessment of the university!

Have a question which would like your help.  A UN colleague has to give a
presentation to an association of sporting goods manufacturers and is
looking for case studies on P2 in that industry.  Do you know of any cases
on P2 in sporting goods companies, ESPECIALLY any that have been put on the
net, perhaps in Envirosense?  I have tried searching envirosense for
"sport*" but get about 30,000 hits on management of recreational fishing.  

Thanks much for your help, of course I would be glad to help as always with
any questions you have about P2 in Asia.

W. Burton Hamner, MBA, MMA
Professor of Environmental Management
Executive Education Program
Asian Institute of Management
Mailing address:  MCPO Box 2095, Makati City, Philippines
Tel:  632-892-4011, local 260
Fax:  632-817-9240