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Re: Mechanical furniture stripping

Andrea -- I'm not an expert on furniture stripping by any means, but 
could you tell us a little more about what kind of furniture you're 
looking at?  Is it wood?  Metal office furniture? Laminated?  Cheap? 
Good stuff? What kind of coating is being removed and why?  Is it being refurbished (e.g., DoD does some refurbishing in-house) 
en masse or by a specialty shop?  I vaguely remember doing an 
assessment at a DoD furniture repair shop a few years ago that used to use a big tank 
of solvent stripper that was eventually shut down for air emissions 
violations.  The shop was using electric sanders and sand paper (and 
boy were the guys upset!) until they could find an alternative.  

Date:          Mon, 03 Feb 1997 13:48:36 -0500 (EST)
From:          "Andrea K. Farrell" <afarrell@state.de.us>
Subject:       Mechanical furniture stripping
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Does anyone have any information on mechanical furniture stripping methods?


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