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Re: p2 for waste handlers

>Dear p2 techers!
>I had a discussion with managers of our local private waste handling 
>(recycling, incineration, disposal, ...) company. They are no friends 
>of p2, since it reduces their buisiness and they are aware of our 
>Today the discussion was about if and how we could work together and 
>if there are arguments that could bring them into the boat of p2.
>Does anybody have good arguments for them to support waste 
>minimsation and things like that. Is there any study available that 
>proves that they could make money from less waste, or will they be 
>against us for ever?
>Please let me know your experiences!
>Hans Schnitzer
>from Austria / Europe

The only good argument I know of is one used in business when a competing
product is stealing away your market share:  "It is better to canabolize
your own sales then to let some one else do it."  Thus IBM introduced the
personal computer when almost all  of its revenues came from mainframe
systems.  Waste haulers could offer a pollution prevention auditing service
to thier customers -- rather then letting someone else beat them to it.  

I must say however that I give this suggestion while holding my nose (and
not because of the smell associated with haulers).  Haulers don't know much
about production processes nor do they have process engineering or design
resouces on staff.  As a result, its going to be difficult for them to offer
a high quality service.  

I think you've got a tough sell in front of you.  Lets face it, pollution
control is the enemy of pollution prevention.  The two are almost always at



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