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Coal Fired Elecric Generation Plants -Rep

Although my areas of interest are not in your field,  I would
like to share an experience I had in my neighborhood,  up here in
Essex Jct. Vermont.   I was walking near a wooden utility pole,
near a farm house, when I heard a metal clicking noise.  I traced
the noise to the pole.  Although neighbors nearbye said they had
heard the noise occassionally over the years, they didn't know
why the pole made the noise.  It wasn't windy, and 90% of the
time there is no noise.  I have  a theory that the pole is
probably sitting on a stone shelf, that is transmitting the noise
of an underground water pump, from a farm house nearbye. I know
mechanics will often use a wooden dowel, and hold it against a
motor to see if they can hear some unusual noises.
Any other thoughts on my mystery would be appreciated.