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Re: p2 for waste handlers

     Sounds like you have a touch sell.  I believe that pollution 
     prevention is the wave of the future when it comes to waste 
     management.  It is the best management practice for business, not only 
     from an environmental perspective, but also from an economic one.  
     Business is gradually moving in this direction, as they begin to 
     understand the "true" costs of generating and managing waste.  The 
     inevitable outcome of such thinking is that less waste will be 
     produced. It seems to me that waste haulers who refuse to accept this 
     fact will eventually face great decreases in profitability.  Rather 
     than fight the change, maybe you can suggest that they position 
     themselves to profit from pollution prevention practices.  Maybe they 
     can begin to gradually transition from waste hauling and disposal to 
     offering recycling services.
     Bis Später!

        Ron Del Mar
        Fluor Daniel Northwest
        (509) 376-1967 Fx.(509) 372-1440


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Subject: p2 for waste handlers
Author:  <SCHNITZER@glvt.tu-graz.ac.at> at ~EXCHANGE
Date:    2/4/97 2:55 AM

Dear p2 techers!

I had a discussion with managers of our local private waste handling (recycling,
incineration, disposal, ...) company. They are no friends of p2, since it 
reduces their buisiness and they are aware of our activities.
Today the discussion was about if and how we could work together and if there 
are arguments that could bring them into the boat of p2. Does anybody have good 
arguments for them to support waste minimsation and things like that. Is there 
any study available that proves that they could make money from less waste, or 
will they be against us for ever?
Please let me know your experiences!

Hans Schnitzer
from Austria / Europe