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textiles, design and environment: online

looks like good online source of P2 and textiles is coming up.  ---Burt

>Subject:      textiles, design and environment: online
>To: Multiple recipients of list ECDM <ECDM@pdomain.uwindsor.ca>
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>Textiles, design and environment:
>On-line conference and workshops
>The Centre for Sustainable Design in the UK - in collaboration
>with 'Textiles Environment Network' [TEN]- will be organising an
>on-line event on 'textiles, design and environment'. The event
>will go on-line on 26th March 1997. This follows-on from the
>success of the Centre's on-line event on 'Managing eco-design'.
>I would like to invite you prepare a paper. We are looking for
>1000-1500 word papers broadly or specifically covering 'textiles,
>design and environment' issues. Initially, abstracts or thoughts
>should be emailed--I will advise as to acceptability ASAP. We
>also like images--photographs or video footage are both
>acceptable. All final scripts will need to be sent on disc or as
>an attachment on email (more specific details will be sent on
>acceptance of the paper). To enable us to build the on-line site,
>papers will be needed by the ABSOLUTE LATEST 12th March 1997.
>Topics to be covered in relation to the design of textiles:
>* Case studies- companies/products
>* Sustainable consumption and production
>* Eco-fashion
>* Sustainable textile design
>* Management of eco-design
>* Moving towards services instead of products
>* Eco-design principles
>* Lifecycle Assessment
>* The designer perspective
>* Developments in alternative textile materials
>* 'Blue sky'/innovative ideas
>Martin Charter
>Joint Coordinator
>The Centre for Sustainable Design
>Surrey Institute
>Falkner Road
>GU9 8LN
>t:     44 1252 732229
>f:     44 1252 732274
>email: cfsd@surrart.ac.uk