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Re: p2 for waste handlers

Waste haulers may have a real interest in some specific areas related to P2
and that is source separation and recycling.  In particular, they have a
natural entry to a company to suggest source separation and to provide the
pick up, consolidation and transport for recycling.  Some waste streams are
very hard for many companies to eliminate but are very amenable to
recycling, including paper, cardboard, certain container types, pallets,

Other waste types are also hard to reduce and can be recycled in other ways.
For example, lunch room wastes can be composted and used for fertilizer and
soil amendment.  Again, a waste hauler is ideally situated to offer such a
service to their customer.

In each of the above, and there are others, the advantage to the waste
hauler is that the service to be provided can be proffered to the customer
at no increase in cost and perhaps a decrease, while making $$$ on the back
end from the recycled material.


Ralph E. Cooper, Ph.D.
J.D. Candidate, May, 1999
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