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Re: Mercury Management -Reply

Could you please send me a copy of all your fact sheets?  Thank you
very much.

Kay Gervasi
Broward County DNRP
218 SW 1 Ave
Ft Lauderdale, FL  33301

>>> "GREG NEWMAN" <Greg_Newman@owr.ehnr.state.nc.us> 02/05/97
09:40am >>>
Our office has developed several fact sheets on the management of 
mercury waste.  These fact sheets are:
- Proper waste management of mercury containing products
- Proper management of spent dry cell batteries (for businesses and 
industries, and households)
- Dental waste management
- Proper waste management of selected hospital waste streams

They address the mercury containing devices you mentioned and
contain vendor lists of recyclers and reclamation facilities.

If you send me your mailing list I would be happy to send you copies.


Greg Newman
NC Division of Pollution Prevention 
and Environmental Assistance
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