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Re: RCRA Regs

Mike Keefe wrote:
>This is not quite P2, but I sure would appreciate any tips...a colleage is
looking for RCRA regulatory guidance and I was wondering if anyone has heard
of list servers such as P2Tech that address RCRC regulation interpretations?

Mike and others:

For ten years, I made a good part of my living teaching seminars on RCRA
regulations and hazardous waste management.  I am available for brief
consultations to interpret for the cost of sending me the question.  For
longer or tougher problems, a fee may be requested, since I have returned to
get a credential to expand my client base.


Ralph E. Cooper, Ph.D.
3475 Norwood, Suite N
Shaker Heights, OH 44122-4975
e-mail:	rec3@po.cwru.edu
Voice:	216-991-6837 (w/voice mail)
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