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Virginia recycling resources

Dear P2Tech Members:

We were struck here at Virginia DEQ about the notion that we didn't have 
information available on Virginia recycling/directories, etc.  We don't know 
who was consulted, but we certainly hope that the following information helps!

I have been informed that the Metro Washington Council of Governments has 
just published a directory of recycling businesses in the Capital Area 
(Washington, DC, including Virginia and Maryland counties in that area).  
Virginia DEQ is working with COG currently to get this information linked 
with DEQ's web page.  Virginia's page (which contains P2 goodies and small 
business resources) is located at http://www.deq.state.va.us  (P2 is at 
http://www.deq.state.va.us/opp/opp.html, and small biz. is at 

The Virginia Department of Business Assistance also currently is developing a 
database of manufacturing industries in Virginia, which will include reuse 
and recycling industries.  Contact: Will Vehrs (804) 371-8221.

For further information or more detail concerning Virginia's recycling 
contacts for certain industry sectors, contact Paddy Katzen of DEQ at 804 698 
4488 for a list.
Best regards,

Greg Gresko                        
Small Business Internet Project Coordinator
Office of Small Business Assistance
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
PO Box 10009
Richmond, VA  23240-0009
804-698-4384 PHONE                                
804-698-4510 FAX