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(Fwd) PNEAC website updates

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From:          "Tom  Blewett" <BLEWETT@epd.engr.wisc.edu>
Organization:  Engineering Professional Developmnt
To:            printech@great-lakes.net, printreg@great-lakes.net
Date:          Wed, 19 Feb 1997 14:08:40 CST
Subject:       PNEAC website updates
Reply-to:      printreg@great-lakes.net

Have you checked the Printers' National Environmental Assistance
Center website lately?  Recent additions include Hot News page notes
about a number of journal articles that are likely  worth your time to
read, the full text of Jeff Adrian's article about "Demistifying
Environmental Management Systems" and a DfE (Design for the
Environment) Blanket Wash Study summary.  Don't forget to check the
Environmental Alerts at the PNEAC website for eight articles.

Please note that Jeff Adrian made his article available on PRINTECH
this week as an attachment.  If anyone has difficulty in opening the
article, you may also elect to download it from the Hot News page of
the PNEAC website.  You can go directly to the Hot News page at:


Jeff's article is an excellent illustration of how The John Roberts
Company began to look at combining individual compliance plans into a
comprehensive loss control document.  This effort evolved into a major
component of an environmental management system that also included
policies on environmental stewardship, pollution prevention, safety,
and LockOut/TagOut.  If you would like to understand more about the
potential merits of an Environmental Management System, this is a must

The DfE Blanket Wash Study notes provide a content summary of the
draft Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment for Lithographic
Blanket Washes (CTSA).  It also includes information on how to order a
FREE COPY of the CTSA report from EPA's Pollution Prevention
Information Clearinghouse.

Check it out!
Tom Blewett
UW-Extension Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Ctr.
533 Lowell Hall
610 Landgon St.
Madison, WI  53703
(608) 262-0936