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P2 integration Air permiting and bureaus.


You may want to check out Michigan's proposed Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) Rule.  It is a voluntary program that allows companies to apply to be Clean Corporate Citizens.  They need to adopt an EMS, P2 program and have a good compliance record.  C3 companies can take advantage of benefits currently offered in the air permitting program.  The benefits include: construction and operation waiver prior to a construction permitting being issued, expedited permit review, and plantwide applicability limits (PAL) which is like an emission limit  bubble for a pollutant for the whole facility.  Currently you can download and unzip the proposed rule through the internet:  http://aqd.deq.state.mi.us/pages/noticeru.htm
It is going through its final review stages and we expect it to be finalized within a month or two.  We are also now beginning to work on identifying benefits to offer C3 companies in other media programs such as surface water quality and waste management.  I suspect those rules will be proposed this summer and out by next year.
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Subject: P2 integration Air permiting and bureaus.
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Dear P2 tech list:

We have an intern who is writing a thesis on state/ federal government
P2 intergration for the Air permitting. Does anyone know of any
published, electronic resources, and multimedia which can aid her
research? Any brainstorming suggestions would also be greatly

Her name is Megan Wells-Paske and her email account (although she
isn't subscribed to this list) is  Epa8612@wpogw.admop.epa.state.il.us
Her phone number is 217.782.9141

Thank you in advance.

Emmett George
Graduate Intern
Office of Pollution Prevention- IEPA

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