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Re: Electric Utility P2 question

Andrea K. Farrell wrote:
> Hi again,
> Got a call from our electric utility.  They are having problems with the
> solvent they are using to flush out rotary meters.  They currently use a
> mixture of mineral spirits and petroluem naptha.  THis is causing headaches in
> the workers and they desperately want to switch.  Here's the specifics:
> The rotary meters consist of aluminum blades.  the meter is surrounded on each
> end by bearings (complete with grease, etc).  After using the solvent to flush
> out the meter, they use an air gun to finish the job.
> At this point, they feel they need to stay away from any water-based products
> (I am not as conviced of that), and whatever they use needs to be
> residue-free.
> Any assistance on substitutes would be greatly appreciated.
> Andrea K. Farrell
> Delaware Pollution Prevention Program
> 302-739-3822          302-739-6242 fax
> afarrell@dnrec.state.de.us

P.S. You are talking about rotary GAS meters, Right?  I've never heard
of aluminum blades in electric meters.

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