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RE: Electric Utility P2 question

Hi Andrea,

This can be a tough one.  There are some d-limonene/distillate blends
that utilities have used to replace TCA, but dry times are very slow.
The concern is that the wet surface will pick up dust and quickly become
dirty again.  Residue from the d-limonene mandates that very high purity
materials be used.  There is also the odor problem, not a big plus if
the workers are already having problems.

Aqueous won't work too well given the aluminum (potential for corrosion)
and the tight spaces (won't dry).  There's not to much wrong with the
mineral spirit/distillate blends except for the high fire danger (I
assume overall usage is small so that air emissions are not a big
problem).  The headaches are a BIG issue.  This would indicate the use
of a very cheap product and very poor industrial hygine practices.

Check the following: presence of hazardous and/or odorous contaminants
in the cleaner.  Is it free of benzene and other carcinogens.  Does it
contain sulfur compounds ?  Headaches may also be caused by inhalation
of oil mist.  Are they cleaning the meters in a properly designed,
operated, and maintained fume hood ?  What about the compressed air
supply ?  Is it free of oil and water ?

Just some thoughts,

From: Andrea K. Farrell
To: p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject: Electric Utility P2 question
Date: Friday, February 21, 1997 5:58AM

Hi again,

Got a call from our electric utility.  They are having problems with the
solvent they are using to flush out rotary meters.  They currently use a
mixture of mineral spirits and petroluem naptha.  THis is causing
the workers and they desperately want to switch.  Here's the specifics:

The rotary meters consist of aluminum blades.  the meter is surrounded
end by bearings (complete with grease, etc).  After using the solvent to
out the meter, they use an air gun to finish the job.

At this point, they feel they need to stay away from any water-based
(I am not as conviced of that), and whatever they use needs to be

Any assistance on substitutes would be greatly appreciated.

Andrea K. Farrell
Delaware Pollution Prevention Program
302-739-3822          302-739-6242 fax