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Re: Electric Utility P2 question

Talked to a contact at a local utility.  There standard procedure is simply
to use air for 99% of the cleaning.  In instances where this is not enough
they use a spray mixture of trichloroethane and CO2 called a "lectrosol
cable cleaner".  Might not be the best environmentally, but the only use it
on rare occasions in a spray booth.  You might want the company to take a
look at revamping their air system.

Hope this is helpful

At 08:58 AM 2/21/97 EST, you wrote:
>Hi again,
>Got a call from our electric utility.  They are having problems with the 
>solvent they are using to flush out rotary meters.  They currently use a 
>mixture of mineral spirits and petroluem naptha.  THis is causing headaches in 
>the workers and they desperately want to switch.  Here's the specifics:
>The rotary meters consist of aluminum blades.  the meter is surrounded on each 
>end by bearings (complete with grease, etc).  After using the solvent to flush 
>out the meter, they use an air gun to finish the job.  
>At this point, they feel they need to stay away from any water-based products 
>(I am not as conviced of that), and whatever they use needs to be 
>Any assistance on substitutes would be greatly appreciated.
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