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Question about gray water use

Another question from the new Wafertech facility in
Wa.  Thanks for your help.
Nancy Helm
EPA Region 10
Seattle, WA
>>> Christopher Warberg
<CWarberg@wafertech.com> 02/11/97 02:39pm
  We are considering supplying our plant's toilets
and urinals with treated water from our on-site
industrial WWTP.  This wastewater will then
eventually flow into the City of Camas sanitary
sewer.  We shouldn't have pipe cross-connection
problems since we have mandated that all gray
water pipe is going to be galvanized steel, and all
other pipes in the plant will be made of different
materials.  Also, we will likely instigate regular
monitoring at this sanitary connection to the sewer. 
I was wondering if anyone knew of other plants that
had installed a similar system.  If you could post this
question and cc me on any responses I would
greatly appreciate it.  Thank-you.

			Chris Warberg
				(360) 817-3059