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Re: Searching for videos

This isn't video, but it is an IMAGE resource:  the Navy maintains an image 
library (mostly JPEG-format images) for environmental projects at one of their 
web sites; I stumbled across it the other day and was impressed both with the 
concept and the quality of some of the images (including photos of alternative 
painting operations).

You'd have to check with the Navy folks who own the site regarding the use 
limitations/restrictions for non-Navy personell, but thought I'd pass it along 


Hope this helps.

Scott Butner

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)
Battelle Seattle Research Center
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Seattle, WA  98105
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Subject: Searching for videos
Author:  p2tech@great-lakes.net at ~internet
Date:    2/24/97 1:23 PM

I am looking for videos that focus on compliance and/or
pollution prevention for the metal finishing, auto repair, and
semi-conductor / electronics industries.  Can anyone provide
leads?  Please respond by phone @ 214-860-5821 or e-mail:

Thanks for your help!

Chad Cliburn
North TX Small Business Development Center