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Re: "chasing arrows" recycling symbol on plastics

At 08:24 AM 2/21/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>From: Holly Lynch <hlynch@sayer.com>
>>To: "'p2tech@great-lakes.net'" <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
>>Subject: "chasing arrows" recycling symbol on plastics
>>Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 10:21:08 -0500
>>Can someone please tell me whether the "chasing symbol" on plastic
>containers (e.g., milk jugs) is a mandatory government requirement -- if so,
>state or federal; or a voluntary industry standard.
>>Thank you in advance for your assistance on this!
>>Holly Lynch
>>Director of EHS Programs
>>Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
From: Mary Kohrell <KOHRELLM@gbms01.uwgb.edu>
Subject: Re: "chasing arrows" recycling symbol on plastics
To: Steve Brachman <brachman@csd.uwm.edu>
X-X-Sender: KOHRELLM@gbms01.uwgb.edu

The chasing arrows recycling symbol is a voluntary symbol developed in
1988 by the Society of the Plastics Industry.  Even though it was
developed on a voluntary basis, it has been adopted as a legislative
requirement in 39 states.  For more information on placement
and sizing of the symbol, contact SPI directly.  Phone is 202-371-5200,
web address is http://www.socplas.org

Mary Kohrell 
Steven D. Brachman, Waste Reduction & Management Specialist
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Milwaukee, WI 53203
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