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small business P2

P2 Friends,

Are you looking for P2 information that can be used for a wide number 
of manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors?  The University of 
Wisconsin Extension Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center, in 
cooperation with the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center, has 
produced a Small Business Waste Reduction Guide that is designed for 
use by small business counselors.  It contains P2 tip sheets and 
case studies on a wide range of sectors and has introductory 
information about cost reduction through waste reduction.  It has a 
regulatory primer and environmental performance checklists and it has 
appended extensive resource information at the state and federal 

It was designed as a resource tool for non-P2 counselors who need to have 
better access to P2 information and who need to know where they can 
make referrals for clients.  It is designed, with training, to help non-P2 
counselors be better able to recognize oppotunities and needs of 
their client and to make referrals.

You can check it out at EPA's Environ$en$e at:


There are companion video tapes with case studies from across the 
country for manufacturing and non-manufacturing businesses.  If you 
would like information about the tapes or hardcopies of the guide, 
you can contact our office at (608) 262-0910.
Tom Blewett
UW-Extension Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Ctr.
533 Lowell Hall
610 Landgon St.
Madison, WI  53703
(608) 262-0936