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Video Tape for Basic P2, HazMat/Waste Handling In Marinas/Bo

OPPTD/DTSC  P.O. Box 806  Sacramento, CA 95812-0806
E-Mail:  HW1.RLudwig@ HW1.CAHWNET.GOV
This is a request for Peter Johnsen of the Orange County Health Care Agency
for the loanable where-abouts of a video tape for basic p2, hazardous materials
and hazardous waste management practices for marinas and boatyards.  Peter is
one of California's p2 champions as well as a co-chair of the Southern Cali-
fornia Pollution Prevention Committee.  I have sent Peter information on the
video tape available from the VA DEQ (thank you VA DEQ!) but if you are aware
of other tapes please contact Peter at pjohnsen@deltanet.com or please give
him a call at (714) 667-3709.  Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,
Robert Ludwig
E-Mail:  HW1.RLudwig@ HW1.CAHWNET.GOV