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Satellite seminars for business on waste reduction

<The following message was prepared by a colleague of mine, please respond to him directly.  His phone
number and E-mail address are at the end of his message.  Also, the Midwest Pollution Prevention
Conference is scheduled for June 2-4, 1997.  More info at

We would like your assistance in helping us identify the
TYPES of local organizations that would have the greatest
interest in hosting satellite training programs on waste
reduction for a business audience.  We're not looking for
any detailed research simply  provide your best guess.


The EPA solid waste program is considering the development
of  a network of local organizations to host down link sites for
satellite training programs on waste reduction for small
and medium sized business. Many local organizations
with a business constituency  (e.g. Chambers of Commerce,
Small Business Development Centers, Manufacturing
Extension Programs,  University based pollution prevention
programs) currently provide environmental programs for their
customers. Our goal is to enlist these organizations as local
hosts to reach a large national business audience.

Topics have not been established but all would feature
source reduction. Programs might be targeted to specific
sectors (retail, restaurants, hospitals, printing) or to specific
topics  (transport packaging, electronic document handling). 

Host organizations would not be charged for the satellite
downlink but would be responsible for all local costs for
providing a facility and advertizing the program locally.


David Flora
Solid Waste Program Manager
EPA Region 7

Thank You for you time.

Gary Bertram
U.S. EPA Region 7