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State laws mandating P2 - Maine

Tim Greene, etc.
 Sorry to take so long to respond, but I could not figure out whether or   
not my messages to P2Tech were indeed getting out there.  Now I know they   

State of Maine law requires that certain companies do the following:
    1.  Develop a written reduction (pollution prevention) plan.
    2.  Reduce the hazardous waste generated by 10% before 1994, 20%   
before 1996, and 30% before 1998.  The baseline from which this reduction   
is compared against is the average of years 1987 and 1989.  The companies   
who fall into this category are those that generate (or ship) over 220   
lbs of haz waste in any 4 months of the year.
    3.  Reduce the toxics released by the same figures as above.  The   
baseline is the average of years 1990 and 1991.  The companies who fall   
into this category are all companies who fill out EPA Form R (Toxic   
Release Inventory - TRI - SARA Title III Section 313).
    4.  Pay a fee to the Department of Environmental Protection.

Beyond that . . .
    5.  There is also the voluntary goal of reducing the amount of Toxics   
USED.  Again it is the same reduction figures as above.  The baseline is   
1990.  The companies who fall into this category are all companies who   
have to fill out the Chemical Inventory Reporting Form for extremely   
Hazardous Substances (SARA Title III Section 312).  Although the   
reduction goal is voluntary, reports are required to be filed and fees   
are required to be paid.
    6.  Exemptions can be requested.
    7.  The law has been very successful.  Many companies are making the   
goals.  Very few exemptions have been requested.

Want more information?  The choices are given below:

Short package
DEP Information Sheet - Office of Pollution Prevention (1 page)
DEP Issue Profile - Toxics and Hazardous Waste Reduction Law (2 pages)
"New Directions" (Our P2 Newsletter) article published Feb 1996 (2 pages)

Long Package - Same as above but with the actual text of the law (13   

Packages will get mailed to any who ask.  Please contact me in the method   
most convenient to you.

Peter T. Moulton
Office of Innovation and Assistance
State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection
State House Station #17
Augusta, ME  04333
tel. 207-287-8161   Fax. 207-287-2814
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