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Supplier training project

Last year the Office of Pollution Prevention and Recycling at
the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
(TNRCC), Texas Instruments (TI), and Richland College
(Dallas, TX) partnered to design a model approach to deliver
p2 information and training to the supplier base of a large
company.  TI agreed to participate in developing and pilot this
approach.  At the first planning meeting, the project team
decided that the p2 information should be delivered by TI
employees who already work with suppliers on a wide variety
of process and quality improvement issues (many large
companies have similar positions; in this case the TI
employees are called Procurement Quality Engineers or

A 5-Step process (based on TNRCC's Permanent Pollution
Prevention Program Workshops) was developed so that a
PQE could lead their suppliers through the process of
establishing a facility p2 program.  The idea is that the PQEs
would facilitate their suppliers step by step through the
5-Step process.  A training program was developed for and
delivered to the PQEs to educate them about p2 and the
5-Step process.  After going through the training, these
individuals were to work with their suppliers to deliver p2

If you are interested in replicating this approach, you can
obtain the training materials by contacting:  Thuy Anh Tran,
Richland College, 972-238-6396 or e-mail her at: 
Please provide your name, mailing address and phone
number when requesting material.  There is no charge.

If you have additional questions about this project, please
contact Susan Roothaan at TNRCC (512-239-3186).