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Paper pulping operation

Re: molded pulp; off the top of my head I would not advise egg cartons; it is a 
mature market in tough competiton with polystyrene.  There have been some new 
molded-pulp startups that make forms for shipping high value products like 
electronic equipment, machinery, wine bottles, etc.  I believe these companies 
are on the West Coast.  They should be listed in the Lockwood-Post Directory of 
the Pulp & Paper Industry.  Molded pulp manufacturers make their own pulp; it 
would not make sense for them to buy pulp from someone else.

from John Ruston, Environmental Defense Fund

To: P2TECH @ great-lakes.net
cc:  (bcc: Lois Epstein)
Subject: Paper pulping operation 

I've had a request for information, and wonder if anyone has any ideas of what 
they do with clay sludge besides disposal. Read on:

I'm working on the feasibility of establishing a 20,000 to
40,000 paper pulping operation that would target low grades
of paper (i.e. magazines, junk mail, wax coated cardboard).  Two main questions 
they need to answer are:

1. What disposal options are available in the region for about 20,000 tons of 
clay sludge that might be generated from recycling magazines? Here, Jan asks 
for reuse options rather than disposal.....

2. They hope to make a value added paper product rather than shipping the pulp 
to a paper mill outside the state.  They think some kind of molded
paper product such as paper filters, egg cartons etc. as well as
fiberboard sheeting might be the most promising end products. Jan adds that 
there is an egg producing industry that may be interested in "locally grown" 
egg cartons, but are there any other ideas?


Jan Hygnstrom, Extension Assistant
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
(402) 472-9614

Lois N. Epstein, P.E.
Environmental Defense Fund (Washington, DC)

Lois N. Epstein, P.E.
Environmental Defense Fund (Washington, DC)