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Re: Four Wheel Drive SUV popularity

Rudy, National Public Radio had a wonderful article on the increase in
pickups and Sport Utility Vehicles just Tuesday or Wednesday on Morning
Edition. You may be able to access it on their web page. They pointed out
that the vehicles are indeed safer when a car-SUV or truck collision occurs
due to higher bumpers, heavier vehicles, etc. They fair more poorly than a
car in a situation where no other vehicle is involved (running off the road
into a tree, etc).

We have a utility vehicle that gets 20 mpg, which we use for camping,
longer trips, and hauling our dogs on those dirt and gravel roads which are
plentiful in Nebraska. Our mainstay communter vehicle is a 10-year old
little Mazda (30 mpg) that I personally don't feel safe in because it is so

If I had some wishes that could come true, it would be for more use of
public transportation, and maybe just staying home more often!

>I would love to have one but cannot justify the need where I live. In
>western PA or similar snow belt place they would be great. Must this waste
>continue? Any thoughts on how to push the cost/benefit thing?
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