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Prop 65 & Buses, continued (from Feb.)

The right person to ask about this is Bill Verick, the lawyer
who used Prop. 65 to sue over diesel emissions in another context.
He's at 707-923-4001, or email at:   pjc @ igc.apc.org@net
There is currently a lawsuit under Prop. 65 against diesel
bus manufacturers. The best contact would be Craig Thompson
at the Calif. Attorney General's office: 916-327-7851.

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What's Prop 65?

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> Recently our vehicle maintenance manager approached me with a question
> regarding the California Proposition 65 and how it affects public
> transportation.  Our company operates a small fleet of buses for the
> retirement community we manage and we're in the process of acquiring some
> new vehicles from a company in Canada.  Their representative asked our
> vehicle manager what sort of Prop 65 signage he would like on the new
buses > (they are diesel).  So far I haven't been able to find anything
regarding > this issue from numerous sources.  Has anybody out there
tackled this issue
> yet?  Thanks in advance,
> Michael L. Carre
> Safety/Env Specialist
> mcarre@ix.netcom.com

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