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(Fwd) Re: (Fwd) Factoids on Paper Recycling

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From:          "Scott Mouw" <Scott_Mouw@owr.ehnr.state.nc.us>
To:            "David Williams" <David_Williams@owr.ehnr.state.nc.us>
Date:          Wed, 26 Mar 1997 15:05:06 EST
Subject:       Re: (Fwd) Factoids on Paper Recycling
Priority:      normal

For the request on paper factoids, it might be a good idea to contact 
the American Forest and Paper Association.  Their phone is 
202-463-2700 and their Web address is http:www.afandpa.org/
Annother possibility is TAPPI - Technical Association of Pulp and 
Paper Industry at http://www.tappi.org/

Scott Mouw

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