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Stripping Wire

    One & All,
    The messages talking of heavy metal contamination may be quite a 
    concern, if either a high pressure water spray or mechanical 
    methods are used.
    I really liked the water idea but if one is going to generate a 
    hazardous waste water (it could only be recirculated so long 
    without a suldge or the need to replace the water) and/or sludge, 
    the potential treatment costs and eventual disposal costs may take 
    most of the profitability out of the process.  In this respect a 
    mechancial process may be more efficient, waste wise, as only the 
    insulation may need managed as a hazardous waste if it turns out 
    to be heavy-metal contaminated.  (Floor sweepings (dust would pose 
    an inhalation risk) around such an operation may also be a 
    Sorry to throw wrenches, but what we need is some analytical data 
    on constituents in waste generated from such processes.