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three questions

Dear P2 techs,
I have three questions: 
1)  I saw a .com web page for a media blasting 
nozzle that allowed one to adjust pressure and volume throughput at 
the nozzle. Now I can't find it, does anyone know of a company that 
makes these types of nozzles? (i've called several supply 
houses-everyone is interested, but haven't heard of this) need ASAP.
2)  Does anyone out there have a client using an automotive repair 
shop managing program that would be willing to talk to another 
business about it?  they currently have trial software for: business plus, 
triad plus, and shop boss.  would appreciate any contacts willing to 
talk...or suggestions.
3)  would someone from Oklahoma doing pollution prevention, please 
call or email me?  I have a gentleman in OK that would like to know 
how to get in touch with a technical assistance provider.

Thanks in advance,
sherry davis
Sherry J. Davis
Industrial P2 Specialist
133 Ward Hall
Manhattan, KS  66506-2508
913-532-6501   Fax: 913-532-6952