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RE: Molybdenum in Hospital Wastewater

Molybdenum is a big problem in Boston (Massachusetts Water Resources Assoc.).  
We have over 10,000 commercial buildings that switched from hexavalent chromium 
as a anticorrosion control to molybdenum.  I understand that the land 
application of composted sewage sludge will lead to molybdenum uptake in the 
plants.  Cows have a real rough time with this element in their digestive 
system.  Our Governor was running for Senate and would not let MWRA regulate 
this material.  They have started a voluntary program to reduce the impact.  
This always happens when people seek "SAFE" substitutes without doing a proper 
root cause analysis with a cause and effect diagram.  I have had students at 
Tufts look at cooling towers to see what can be done to modify them, operate 
them differently or maintain them differently as well as many other things 
without focusing solely on materials subsitutes.  I could send you some 
information on this if you wish.  You should contact MWRA directly.  Perhaps 
someone from the Mass. OTA or TURI is familiar with this work.  Hopefully they 
are not seeking another substitute!  Lord knows what that will do!!

Bob Pojasek
Cambridge Environmental Inc.
58 Charles St.
Cambridge, MA 02141
(617) 225-0812
(617) 225-0813 (F)