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Re: Stripping Wire

>From a discussion with one of my colleagues, here at CTC, that operates a 
ultra high pressure water jet system to strip paints
came the following comments (of course you would have to do the economics 
and some testing to confirm feasibility):

In wire stripping the metal removal (from the core) will be very minimal 
if any, because of the difference in the properties of the insulation and 
rubber as compared to the metal (metal is harder, less elastic etc).  The 
pressure to gouge metal would be much higher than the pressure to strip 
rubber and insulation (softer materials), by at least 5-10,000 psi.  Any 
trace metals will get captured in the ion exchange columns that then can 
be regenerated.  As for sludge, you will get some that will be captured 
in the paper filters.

The water can be circulated indefinitely - as long as you have a proper 
filtration and water polishing system on the unit to get the water 
cleaned and conditioned (neutral pH, all salts and metals taken out)

You could probably just have a feeder system, hit one side of the wire as 
it passes through to remove the coating and then run through a skiving 
die to start the coating to peel back the cover, or we can just use 
another waterjet head and hit the other side as the wire runs through.  
Most of the stuff will come off in chunks.

Let me know if you would like more information and/or testing.  Also 
check out our web sites to find more info about this and other 

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